5 Great Projects to Start the Year

August 23, 2017 / By

What’s the best way to get your students engaged and excited from day one of the new school year? Instead of the same old “what I did with my summer vacation” essay, get them hands on with a fun, multi-faceted digital storytelling project at the get go!
Bruce Reicher, technology teacher and WeVideo ambassador extraordinaire, recently offered up some great project ideas to start the year when he appeared on Jeff Bradbury’s TeacherCast.net.  Bruce shares his enthusiasm for video in the classroom as he explains some compelling, easy-to-implement suggestions such as:

  1. Have students make a video about their summer reading.
  2. Use video bios as an opportunity for students to introduce themselves.
  3. Start to gather materials on day one for a Back to School night video.
  4. Encourage students to interview parents about their Back to School night experiences.
  5. Have students create short videos about what they are most excited to study this year.

You can find a summary of Bruce’s five things you can do with video this school year, but we highly recommend listening to the entire 30 minute podcast available at the same link. It is a fantastic listen for anyone enthusiastic about video in the classroom.