5 Good reasons to stop by our Bett booth

January 10, 2017 / By

Over the holiday break, the WeVideo team has been practicing new languages, dry cleaned our uniforms and printed new business cards. Why? We are going to Bett in London along with EdTech enthusiasts from more than 130 countries! We hope you share our excitement and will come by our booth, but we also know that thousands of booths lined up next to each other can be a bit overwhelming. Print this page and hopefully this list will help remind you why you want to visit our booth:
NEW FEATURES: Combine edits, mobile sync and more. What a time to be alive! While these features might just sound like fancy words, you’ll be amazed how useful they’ll be in your classroom and how easy they are to use. Not convinced it will work in your classroom? We’re flying all the way from California to give you a live demo at our booth.
EXCLUSIVE BETT OFFER: If Santa didn’t bring a digital storytelling tool to your classroom, stop by our booth for a once-in-a-lifetime offer. For the first time in WeVideo history, we’re flying out from sunny California to hang out with our friends at Bett. Come talk to us and get a better understanding of who we are and how WeVideo will benefit your classroom. We are happy to set aside some extra time to talk with you, simply book a meeting with us and we’ll add you to our calendar.
PRESENTATIONS: Have you tried our green screen tool? Did you know that you can record your screen with WeVideo? Learn about the many possibilities with video at one of our many booth presentations. Who knows, maybe we’ll do some giveaways while we’re at it.
GIVEAWAYS: Be a trendsetter with our  brand new 2017 collection of swag. We’ll also give away some classroom packages to lucky educators that stop by our booth and scan their badge.
HAPPY HOUR:  To celebrate our first time at Bett, we would like to invite you to a celebration at our booth. Put your party hat on, sit back and watch some amazing student-created videos made with WeVideo. Or create your own video, we’ll show you how you can create a professional video with your phone. Our booth is conveniently located next to the bar, but why go to the bar when you can come hang out with us with a cold one in your hands? Follow us on social media to discover when we’re bringing the keg out!
Contact us if you want to set up a meeting ahead of time

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