20 words to search for in the WeVideo Essentials Audio Library

September 18, 2018 / By



“[The sound of the wind]”

Don’t you wish you had the ability to add all sorts of sound effects and music to your video project? Guess what, in WeVideo, you have over 110,000+ audio files to choose from! That includes music, sound effects, and audio loops.

Try searching for these 20 words in WeVideo Essentials Audio library for sound effects and songs for your next video project.
Sound effects:
“Door shut”
“Record scratch”
“Fart” (Sorry ?, I had to add this one because you know your students are going to search for it too, so we might as well prepare ourselves)
Try these words to find music with a certain mood:

Share in the comments what words you searched for to find music and sound effects. There are after all over 110,000+ audio files to explore!

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