Video Editing Solutions for Better Marketing Communications

August 15, 2012 / By

Video Marketing Reach
A picture paints a thousand words, but a video paints a thousand pictures.

Marketing communicators are fast coming to grips with the power of video as a communications vehicle. Video creation, editing and publishing have historically been the mystical arts of creative video professionals. Often inhabiting darkened rooms with big screens covered in complex software, all too much of a steep learning curve for the marketing professional that just wants to add a simple video clip to a landing page.

However, creating good-looking video has become radically easier, and available online, using cloud-based video editing. WeVideo makes it easy for marketers to make and edit videos, collaborating with their colleagues on shared projects, and get that video published online quickly and simply.

For a marketing team that is under internal pressure to add videos to their marketing communications services, WeVideo is ideal. It’s quick to learn, use and get productive with. Get started today with a free account, to see just how easily you can create and edit video for your company.

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