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Social media news you need to know this month [May]

/ Kristen Sato

Here's the biggest social media news making headlines this month. We're seeing more shopping options across platforms, with the opportunity to give creators more ways to monetize. Plus, get tips on "brand and demand" marketing from LinkedIn, and more.

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Facebook launches live stream shopping 


Image source: Facebook


Facebook is introducing “Live Shopping Fridays,” a live stream online shopping experience to help creators interact with followers and make money on the platform. Viewers can tune in to shop beauty and fashion brands every Friday now through July 16 of this year. There are two ways to join: from the Shop tab or by going to the featured brand’s page directly. 


Twitter re-opens public applications for profile verification


Image source: Twitter


Twitter is once again accepting applications from the public for profile verification. When an account is verified, a blue check mark is displayed on their profile next to their name. This promotes authenticity and helps people understand who they’re interacting with on Twitter. Right now, verification categories include entertainment, government, sports and gaming, activists and more. Twitter plans to expand categories to include scientists, academics and religious leaders. 


Pinterest facilitates over 5 billion searches per month


Image source: Pinterest


Pinterest has released new data on how people use search on their platform. One interesting fact is that there are over 5 billion searches on Pinterest each month. Also, when it comes to shopping, product searches grew more than 20x YoY (at the end of Q1).


LinkedIn shares data around benefits of “brand and demand” marketing


Image source: LinkedIn


LinkedIn posted this infographic on how to optimize “brand and demand” for marketing growth. The post says that while most marketers spend more on demand marketing, investing in both demand and brand marketing pays off. Also discussed: Short-term vs. long-term marketing, emotional vs. rational, and broad vs. narrow marketing.


Google partners with Shopify to expand shopping


Image source: TechCrunch / Google I/O 2021


TechCrunch reports that Google and Shopify have teamed up to expand Google shopping. The integration will allow merchants to sign up in just a few clicks to have their products appear across Google’s sites, including Search, Maps, Images, Lens and YouTube. Shopify already has partnerships with Facebook and TikTok and is currently working with Walmart’s ecommerce team.