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Social media news you need to know this month [March]

/ Kristen Sato

This month, social media is abuzz with updates around monetization and ways to help creators connect with their followers. It's no surprise that video creation is a huge part of planning an effective marketing strategy, as you'll see in this month's biggest headlines.


Twitter testing ecommerce features for tweets

According to TechCrunch, Twitter is testing ways to provide shopping options in tweets, including links to product pages and a new Shop button.

Image source: TechCrunch


TikTok launches “TikTok Q&A” for creators to engage with viewers

TikTok announced a new Q&A format that allows for more direct conversations between creators and their viewers.

Image source: TikTok


Facebook bringing ads to Stories and shorter videos

Facebook is looking for ways to help creators monetize in shorter videos, including Stories. Creators can now include ads in videos that are as short as one minute.

Image source: Facebook


LinkedIn shares new guide to help plan ad campaigns

Image source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn has published a new guide to help marketers plan out their marketing campaigns on the platform. Video ads are featured in the guide as a worksheet.

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