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Social media news you need to know this month [February]

/ Kristen Sato

There's a lot happening this month in the world of social media. Check out our roundup of the biggest headlines this month. And if you're looking to make better social media ads or plan your social media strategy, we've got you covered.


Instagram developing “Vertical Stories” feed

Image source: Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch

In a move to keep up with TikTok, Instagram is working on a Vertical Stories feed, according to TechCrunch. Users swipe up and down to view Stories, mimicking TikTok's UI.


Facebook testing reduced political content in News Feed

Image source: Facebook

In response to overwhelming concern over the impact of political debates on social media, Facebook is reducing political content starting in Canada, Brazil and Indonesia, with the US to follow in a few weeks.


YouTube "Shorts" coming to US soon

Image source: YouTube

YouTube is releasing a new TikTok-style video tool called "Shorts" to the US soon. Currently in beta in India, the video tool "lets creators and artists shoot snappy videos with nothing but their mobile phones."


Reddit raises $250 million in Series E funding

Image source: Reddit

Reddit, the self-proclaimed "front page of the Internet", has raised its latest series of funding at a whopping $250 million. With recent attention regarding GameStop stock, Reddit also ran a short, 5-second Superbowl commercial this month.