Six ways to share the love with video this Valentine’s Day

January 31, 2018 / By

Whether you’re looking to send Valentines to friends and family, create a memorable gift for that special someone, or up your business’ holiday marketing game, video is the way to go. Facebook users alone watch over 100 million hours of video every day.  In other words, the way to your sweetheart’s—and your customer’s—heart is through video.
But even the most romantic among us need inspiration. Here are a few ideas to get you in the mood to make a Valentine’s Day video:
1. Skip the school cards:
No more last minute trips to the store to buy cheap paper Valentine’s for your kids to give out at school. Today’s budding digital creators can make a video valentine in minutes for their friends, parents and teachers. Combine a quick Valentine video greeting shot using a smartphone with unique Valentine’s Day motion titles for a special, personalized touch.
2. Go beyond cards in the classroom:
Valentine’s Day can be more than just a sugar rush for kids. It can be a perfect tie-in engaging, project-based learning through video. Encourage kids to create a two-minute video to answer the question, “What is love?” Or, create video to bring a love poem, their own or one of the classics, to life. Ask kids to explain what a sonnet is and give an example. Get scientific: Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to explore how the human heart works through video.
3. Relive that special day:
Pull together your favorite engagement or wedding photos and turn them into a beautiful Valentine’s Day video using our easy animation tools. Just upload your still photos, drag them into a timeline, and our tool will prompt you to customize the duration and animation options for your photos. With just a few clicks, you can add motion, music and Valentine’s Day graphics to bring your most romantic memories to life in a unique video for your loved one.
4. Tell your friends you love them:
Include everyone this Valentine’s Day. Get social with a fun holiday video for your friends on social media. Make one to share to your whole network or build quick, yet personal, videos for your closest friends. You can import your photos and videos directly from Facebook and Instagram (along with Dropbox, Google and others), and then add a motion title, transitions, animation, graphics, and music to make your video—and your Valentine’s Day—sparkle.
5. Grow your business:
Savvy marketers knows that holidays are a perfect time to offer a special promotion or showcase a seasonal product. Pick a Valentine’s Day motion title for a seasonal look, customize the text to promote your holiday deal and add our premium business motion titles to bring some movement to your text. You can add a music track from our extensive audio library or record your own voice-over narration to describe what’s special about your product.
6. Let your customers tell your story:
Your customers love you. Why not let them count the ways for you this Valentine’s Day? Either film customers yourself for a testimonial video, or encourage your customers to submit their own video testimonials for you to compile. Feel the love all around!

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