Getting All Emotional with Sound in Videos

September 25, 2012 / By

Are you looking for ways to take your video editing to the next level? You might be creating videos to share with friends, or you might be a full-time professional who wants to add a little something extra to edge out your competition. Whatever level your video editing skills, adding sound and music is a quick and simple way to enhance your videos.
How much importance should be placed on sound, including music and effects, when you’re editing video? Think about how your favorite movie scenes would be without the music or sound effects in the background. Who could ever forget those famous two notes of the movie “Jaws” that caused the audience to grip their seats in anticipation?

A rapidly building score, raising your heart rate. The strings of a violin, evoking sadness. The swell of the song, indicating a happy ending. A single gunshot. These are all used to connect with the viewers’ emotions.
So how can you use sound like the award-winning pros? As you’re editing your videos, think about the emotions you want to evoke and look for areas where you can edit in music and simple sounds.

Here are some ideas to think about as you’re editing videos:

  1. Use ambient sound or background noise to intensify the video’s mood. For instance, you could add in the soft sound of rain, birds chirping, rolling thunder, or waves crashing.
  2. Use a short sound clip to create an emotion. The ticking of a clock, the giggle of a baby, or the barking of a dog can all be effective.
  3. Music or other sounds can be used as a transition between scenes.

Although sound and music can be used effectively, don’t force or overdo your sound effects. Think of sounds and music you use in your video editing the same as salting your food. It brings out the “flavor” of your video but use too much and it will be unpalatable.
Another thing to remember is that any videos you create must have royalty-free music and sounds or you must have permission to use anything that’s not. This applies to any videos that are uploaded or posted online, sent to friends or sold.
By using royalty-free sounds and music, you can have the same results without running the risk of breaking the law. If you’d like to try enhancing your videos, adding music and special effects, WeVideo has made it simple. WeVideo has nearly 1000 royalty-free tracks available for your use and allows you to upload your own audio files.
What are your favorite examples of videos that use sound to connect with your emotions?
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