Developing How-To Videos to Turbo Charge Your Online Content

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Video and Mobile Devices

Half of web users in the United States will own a tablet computer by 2013. Thirty-one percent of them already do. This explosion in the popularity of tablets has helped to fuel the exponential growth of video content on the internet. Last year 48 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every minute; this year it’s 72.
video on tablet devicesOne in ten tablet user watches video on their devices on a daily or near-daily basis, according to ReadWrite, which called video on tablets one of the top trends of 2012. One of the best ways to put this trend to work for you is to create relevant video content and share it on your website as well as on social sites like YouTube and Facebook.
Consider taking a tactic from the inbound marketing initiative, and developing how to and advice videos to showcase your expertise. You’ll want to make them engaging and light-hearted enough to interest and amuse your audience and make them want to share your content with their friends.
If you aren’t familiar with inbound marketing, the idea is that people are tired of being targeted by ads and that the algorithms that display these ads are often in error and can be almost insulting in their apparent assumptions. It is much better to provide your customers with substantive, compelling, value-added content.

Developing How-To and Advice Videos

If your viewers consistently find content on your site that they find relevant and interesting, they are likely to remember it and to revisit it when they are looking for your particular brand of expertise.
And they will know about your expertise because you showcased it on your site, for example with how to and advice videos that not only explain how something is done but show it as well. If you are authoritative on the subject of (let’s say) changing the video card in a Dell laptop, the idea is, maybe you know something about the RAM in a Toshiba too. Even if you turn out to not have covered that particular topic, the repeat visit helps to reinforce your positioning as an expert in computer repair, and your site as one to which they may refer in future.
When the time comes and your viewer is ready to make a purchase isn’t he more likely to call the expert who’s been developing how-to and advice videos that have stepped him through a tricky disassembly or showed him how to swap out a video or network card in the past? Especially if the alternative is some random company that just happened to pop up on Google because it was close and which has mixed or dismal reviews on Yelp and Google +?
We hope that this article has helped to make clear the marketing benefits of developing how to and advice videos online that highlight your experience and talents. If you have experience creating how to videos, what tips and tricks can you share?
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