3 Creative Ways Businesses Leverage Video for Marketing

September 20, 2012 / By

WeVideo Video MarketingWhile there are as many different ways to market a business as there are unique businesses to market, today’s fast-paced consumer needs more than a text-heavy website, snail-mailed coupon, or banner advertisement at a ballpark to attract and keep not only their interest, but also their loyalty. By leveraging short, informative, and professionally-edited videos, businesses can effectively market their brands, products, and unique services to audiences throughout the world.
Here are 3 creative ways you can leverage video to market your company:

1. Showcase your business process with a story

Create a video series that shares an interesting story about one of your company’s products or services. By producing several videos – each with a “cliffhanger” ending, the viewer feels compelled to watch the subsequent videos to see how the “story” ends.

For example, let’s say you own a resume writing service. The first video would show a client interview with the writer – sharing with the writer his fears, challenges, and previously failed job search efforts. The writer, hard at work, is shown crafting a powerful résumé for the career-seeking client. The second video would show the client approving the completed résumé and sending it out to potential employers. Almost immediately, the résumé grabs the attention of a hiring manager and the client is brought in for an interview. The final video would follow the once-disheartened job seeker working in his new position and loving life.

2. Let the choir sing your praises

In lieu of generic quotes from one or two happy clients displayed on the side of your website, create a video with multiple satisfied customers sharing their testimonials about your business.

For example, if you own a residential landscaping company, make it a point to capture on-site video testimonials when you complete each job. To make the video even more heart-warming (and charmingly unpredictable), ask the client to have their pets roaming around in the background. Who doesn’t love pets? Edit the video clips into a montage of 5 to 10 different client testimonials – each standing on their newly landscaped property. Potential clients watching the video will not only see the different types of landscape designs your company offers, but also hear from actual clients who are thrilled with your work.

3. Send leads a video with special offers

For leads who have completed a form on your website or perhaps have signed up for your newsletter, send them a link to an online video that includes a special discount offer within the content.

For example, if you own an auto dealership and your service department offers detailing service, provide a promo code for a free detailing package at the end of the informative video. Doing something like this will not only generate new business where you could upsell the free detailing service, but also provide an easy way to track and measure success.
There you have it, our list of 3 creative ways to leverage marketing videos. What other creative ideas would you add to this list?

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