WeVideo Pilot Programs Support Evidence-Based Evaluation

January 18, 2018 / By

School and district administrators need more than anecdotal reports of “this tool is fun,” when it comes to making edtech investments. But developing your own, singular evaluation program for each technology tool can be overwhelming. That’s why WeVideo supports rapid-cycle tech evaluations in alignment with guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Technology.

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These structured pilot evaluations have proven to be highly effective, leading to successful implementations of WeVideo in many school districts. With a WeVideo pilot, you get the complete, unlimited WeVideo experience you need to evaluate WeVideo for your school or district. The WeVideo education team is dedicated to your success, and provides administrators and teaching staff with the assistance they need to fully vet WeVideo for Schools as a solution to meet their specific educational goals needs, including:

  • Implementation services
  • Product training for teacher evaluators
  • Assistance in creating a research framework for the evaluation
  • Dedicated support

The WeVideo Pilot Program, in tandem with the excellent resources provided by the DoE’s Office of Technology, provides school and district decision-makers with the opportunity to see how WeVideo for Schools can be used to foster stronger engagement, cultivate essential skills, amplify student voice, and prepare students for college and careers–places where the creativity and collaboration developed while using WeVideo are highly valued.

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