Video newsletter: Focusing on remote learning

/ Nitesh Dutt

Many schools are closed throughout the world, a majority for the remainder of the academic year, forcing teachers and students to rely on remote learning. 

As schools began closing their doors, educators had to frantically figure out ways to keep their students engaged and on track for the remainder of their school year. Some are still searching for intriguing lesson plans that will educate and engage students remotely. 

Schools are finding themselves relying on two avenues to engage and connect with students: synchronous and asynchronous learning. WeVideo plays a major role in providing opportunities for schools engaging in the latter. WeVideo has pulled together resources to assist educators to find what works best for them to accomplish this. 

We have updated our Ideas Hub with a Remote Learning tab where other educators have submitted lesson plans that have worked for them. Our own Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad has compiled 7 ways to stay engaged while remote learning. Be sure to follow him on Twitter for more inspiration and tools.

For even more remote learning information, we’ve put together a page full of resources and tools to make it easier for educators and students.

On the product side, we’ve made updates to our screen recording feature that makes it quicker and easier for students and teachers to use. This new update makes it easier and quicker for teachers to record lesson plans and read alouds. Teachers can record and repurpose these as assignments for students who aren’t in class for any reason. Students can record projects quicker and capture their screen and webcam easier than before.

Along with this feature update, we’ve added some templates specifically designed for remote learning. From book reports and read alouds to stop motion and Q&A vlogs, we have templates to keep students engaged in their learning. 

To offer more assistance, we’re holding virtual webinars for educators and tech leaders. Learn how to get the most out of WeVideo and make the best of it in your classrooms. Just sign up here for any of the sessions.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our WeVideo Creator Community and join today!