Make your teacher cry this Teacher Appreciation Week, with a "Video Thank You Note"

May 7, 2018 / By

It’s teacher appreciation week. Whether you’re a parent, principal, or student reading this, there’s a lot of great ideas out there that you can do to add to the festivities of this week: decorate your teachers’ doors, bring them flowers, put chocolate in all your teachers’ mailboxes.

I’m happy crying from all the thoughtfulness of my students

As a teacher, while I do love finding tasty chocolate treats in my mailbox everyday this week, the thing that I’ve really appreciated is receiving personal notes from my students, and some of them have definitely made me cry.
Crying is good here, it means that your message was fully received and it moved your teacher.

Teacher appreciation week door notes

So let’s take those personalized notes to the next level. You can make a ?Video Thank You Note? for your teacher, expressing all the the things you want him or her to know. Adding some pictures to your narrated letter will help jog those memories and also those tear ducts.

Don’t just take my word for it, you can read about how personalized notes take the cake in this poll by the NEA, about what teachers really want on teacher appreciation day.

See some example of ?Video Thank You Note? for teachers: 

Lea (6th grade) says thank you to her art teacher, Mr. Chang, with pictures from her favorite projects from class

Jason (6th grade) says thank you his music teacher, Mr. Cassell, with perfectly timed music to add to his thank you note  

How to make a?Video Thank You Note? for a special teacher:

  1. Write your letter and think about these questions:
    • How does your teacher make you feel?
    • How have you grown this year and how has your teacher helped you do that?
    • What will you miss most about being in your teacher’s class?
  2. Find photos from this year that you can use in your video
  3. Decide if you want to film yourself reading the letter, do a voice over, or add text
  4. Combine everything together in a video
  5. Give your video thank you letter to your teacher, with some tissues

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