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June 15, 2016 / By

In recent years, I’ve shifted my thinking about content in my classroom. I teach an AP Course and the content is important if I am going to help my students meet their goals for the AP Exam. Traditionally, I’ve taught the content and then asked students to demonstrate their understanding of the content. This would frequently take the form of a presentation, assessment or visual. Today, I provide them the content upfront and ask students to take that content and use it to develop their creative thinking skills. They don’t tell me what they know instead, they show me what they know in their own unique way.
Classroom content can be a powerful resource to help students build skills connected to the 4 Cs. Videos can be one powerful way for students to demonstrate these skills. WeVideo has become one go-to resource to help students develop skills connected to video creation. Content becomes the foundation of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication connected to the videos.
Popular WeVideo Features

  • Different Editing Modes to suit novices and experts alike: Storyboard and Advanced Timeline
  • Connect Google Drive to easily use your photos, videos, music & graphics files already uploaded
  • Drag & drop media files in any order to assemble your story
  • Easily trim video clips to focus on key moments or set custom durations
  • Add text, effects, music, transitions and more
  • Add animation to videos, photos, text and annotations
  • Record voice-overs and video directly from the app
  • Get creative with over 100 royalty-free effects & audio clips
  • Adjust video speed (SloMo/FastMo)
  • Add titles and captions in different languages(most languages supported, including Mandarin, Spanish, English, Arabic, Portuguese, etc.)
  • Publish to YouTube, Google Drive, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion and more
  • Take turns editing or simply share each others’ clip libraries
  • Works with Google Drive – WeVideo adds a folder called “WeVideo” to your Google Drive directory. This folder will contain names of the WeVideo projects and videos you create.
Click here to learn more about WeVideo and to install the Chrome App.

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