Make Presentations Fun, Not Scary!

/ Lise Framstad

Giving a presentation can, for many students, be worse than going to the dentist or holding a poisonous snake. You might recognize the feeling: Practicing over and over again at home in front of the mirror until you’ve memorized every slide. But then, when the big day arrives and you’re standing in front of your classmates, it is all forgotten and you nervously have to try covering up what you were supposed to say with some awkward small talk. The worst part? As soon as you sit down and your red face turns back normal, you remember every single detail of your presentation.

I am sure a lot of you have been in a situation like this. The struggle IS real. What changed my big fear of giving presentations was when one of my teachers gave us the opportunity to spice up the way we presented our final delivery: As long as we did our research and were able to show the class what we had learned throughout the project, it didn’t matter if we chose to present it as a roleplay, Powerpoint or video. Equipped with a camera, I conducted small interviews, documentaries and stories that I often combined with my regular presentation throughout the rest of my academic career. Knowing that I wouldn’t have to present our project’s findings in the traditional way made it easier for me to focus on what we were actually learning and spend less time on trying to talk my way out of the largest part of our group presentation. As a teacher, you have the possibility to help the students give their best, and an oral presentation in front of the class may not always be the best and only situation for every student.

Create an amazing video presentation in three simple steps

You may recall your first edited videos that you either made on software that was too heavy for your computer to handle, or pretty much limited you to putting a white font on a blue background followed by a few images/videos. A lot has changed since then. WeVideo offers two different editor modes, Storyboard and Timeline. Storyboard is perfect for beginners and will provide your students the tools needed to create an interactive story with sounds, images and videos. Storyboard consists of “building blocks” that are equally sized, independently from the length of the video clip. This gives the students a better overview of what each video clip contains and it is also easier to click on it to edit, add effects or delete the video clip. The storyboard mode has three options on the sidebar:

  1. Theme: WeVideo’s exclusive themes set the atmosphere with pre-made layers and special effects to your video.  With the theme option, transitions and sometimes music is automatically added, so the students simply have to drag and drop their selected video clips down to the editing bar.
  2. Music: If you didn’t love the music that came with the theme, or if you had another song in mind, you can click on the music note and select your own file or pick another track from WeVideo’s audio library.
  3. Voice over: The microphone icon lets you add a voiceover to your video. Adding a voiceover can be especially useful if you’re telling your story through a series of pictures. You can choose to preview your video while recording, which makes it easier for you to match the narration to the right video clip.

As the student clicks on the icons and adds the features to their video, the icons will turn blue.
For older students and for the more experienced user, timeline mode is recommended. Timeline gives you the opportunity to create outstanding videos with layers, green screen and several audio tracks and effects. Give the students time to learn the tool before diving into the assignment.

Be the game changer

You as a teacher have the power to become a game-changer in the way students are learning. Every student has different strengths, so why limit their final presentation to be an oral presentation standing up in front of the class? Let the student’s voice and choice shine through in your classroom and give the students a new motivation to learn.  WeVideo is used by schools around the world and has helped students show off their creative skills in so many unique ways. The students that tend to be quiet and shy finally get a new chance to show off sharing their learnings in a less intimidating way. Give the students a choice and you’ll be surprised over the creative outcome!

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