Every child has a story

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Back to school
School just started. Why not start the year off right with visual storytelling in the classroom? Excite and engage your students with safe and secure collaborative WeVideo video editing tools. Every child has a story. Give them the tools to express it.
WeVideo for Schools allows students to be content creators and storytellers and helps encourage students to achieve shared goals while growing their professional and technical skills. Using WeVideo’s cloud-based platform, lets students work across different devices and any location, which means they can start the project at school and continue working on it when they get home. No software installation required!
Need ideas to get started?
Here are some of the WeVideo projects teachers are using right now:

As a capstone project in completing High School Spanish Level 2, I have my students complete a “How to video” of something that is about themselves. It must be done completely in Spanish. They can use what ever resources they need, but I need to hear their voice and see their project plan.

Yvette, IL

The last two years, I have been the organizer for a group of fourth graders that meet after school to create informational videos for the school. We create a news style video that teachers show to their class on Fridays. We call it Friday Wrap. It also includes a mini PBS (Positive Behavior Support) Lesson to reenforce positive behaviors in the areas.

Casey, MO

I introduced WeVideo to my classes and our first assignment was to create a movie or book trailer using the storybook option – music optional, no voice over. Second assignment was another movie or book trailer – this time they could use the storybook option or the more advanced timeline option but they had to have music and they had to have a voice over. The next assignment is to create a WeVideo that highlights any area of one of the major academic areas – they can show how to solve a math problem for example. This video must have all the before used elements plus a clip.

Susan, GA

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