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  • Creating a fun video from “The Future” to share expectations with 6th grade students

Creating a fun video from “The Future” to share expectations with 6th grade students

/ Emily Tsay

Meet Christina McCann from Boulder Valley School District in Boulder, Colorado! She is a school counselor, 1:Web coordinator, and a Jane of all Trades. She’s constantly finding creative and engaging ways to connect her students with the world through technology.
Read about how she created these videos with the school principal to create an exciting and meaningful video message loved by their students.

Aspen Creek K-8 School goes 1:Web and 6th graders get the greatest video welcome message from their principal...from the future!

Our school recently went 1:Web with our 6th-grade students and we wanted a fun and engaging way to share our expectations with students, so we had our principal send the students a video message from the future. This video was actually my very first WeVideo creation.
On the day that we distributed Chromebooks to our students to kick-off our 1:Web program, we showed them the 1:Web video and this Behind the Scenes video (my second WeVideo creation).

6th-grade students watch the behind the scenes of this video and got an intimate look at the creative process

We felt the Behind the Scenes video was equally valuable to students because it discusses the creative process, willingness to figure things out, the courage to take risks, and the ability to laugh and learn from mistakes.

As I visited each class as they were watching the videos, I was surprised to hear the students spontaneously clap at the end of each video. We found that the WeVideos we created allowed students to take in the information we wanted them to have in a fun, engaging, and efficient way.
Side note about the Behind the Scenes video: I learn many new WeVideo skills each time I make a video. When I was working on the Peace Team video (see below), I learned how to increase the volume on individual video segments and how to move items within the screen. So, today I went back to the Behind the Scenes video and made some adjustments and I'm much happier with the Take 2 version.
After the extremely positive reception of the 1:Web videos, I started to think of other ways to use videos to reach students. As the co-sponsor of our Peace Team (No Place For Hate team), I proposed the idea to our Peace Team members of creating a video to highlight our next school-wide event. The students embraced the idea and wrote the script for the video. Similar to the 1:Web videos, our Peace Team video allowed us to reach ALL students and share our message in 2 minutes and 40 seconds. The Peace Team members loved the video so much that they have requested that we create videos for all of our subsequent events.

The student-run Peace Team (No Place For Hate group - sponsored by ADL), created a SIPs for Peace campaign video

At our school, we have a very innovative administration and staff who are willing to support student learning, creation, and leadership through technology. In the fall, we hosted a staff professional development day with another local school. One of the sessions offered on this day was an introduction to WeVideo led by one of our 7th-grade students. This student spent 40 minutes leading teachers through the basic steps of WeVideo creation and talked about the benefits of using WeVideo with students. So cool! 

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