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Create holiday magic with green screen and WeVideo

/ Nitesh Dutt

Tired of sending the same old holiday greeting cards every year? Want to be more creative and have your greeting cards be memorable? WeVideo and green screen are the tools you need to spread holiday joy!

Video Christmas Cards

Creating Video Greeting Cards

If you're new to creating video holiday greeting cards, don't worry. All you need is a camera (even a smartphone will do), a quiet area, and maybe even holiday decor. 

You can do a few things before you start recording to make your video even better:

  • Find a place to record that has minimal background noise, or speak up if you can't eliminate it.
  • Stabilize your camera. Make sure it's at eye level, nobody wants to look up your nose when they receive a video. 
  • Think about your background. Choose a neutral-colored wall or something visually appealing that doesn't distract too much, like a garden or a tree. You could also use a green screen to be more creative.
  • You don't need professional lighting, but give some thought to the light. If it's behind you instead of in front of you, you'll be backlit, and the shadows may be deep enough to obscure your features.

For more filming tips, check out Video hacks with Max.

Get Creative With It

With an extensive library of features and content, WeVideo has everything you need to make your video greeting card memorable. Check out our holiday and seasonal motion titles and built-in music library for more holiday flair. Plus, with WeVideo Essentials™, you have over 1 million audio, image, and video files. All you have to do is search for things like reindeer, fireplace, snowflakes, and more of your favorite holiday terms. For anyone that doesn't get snow during the holidays, you can still add a little winter to your greeting cards too. Wondering how. Well, that's the magic of the green screen.

Add Green Screen Magic

You've probably heard of green screens before. Seeing your local weather person using it on the news or noticed it in your favorite movie. With WeVideo, you can use a green screen to give your greeting cards a little extra magic. Here are a few quick tips to get started:



  • Record your video: Your background can be any color you want. Green and blue are typically the most frequent colors used because they are the opposite of our natural skin tones. To get the best results to make sure that your background is evenly lit with no shadows. After recording your clip, upload it into WeVideo.
  • Video layers: Once uploaded, drop your original video clip into video layer 2 and the video you want in the background into video layer 1. Make sure both are the same length, so there's no overlapping.
  • Color keying: With both videos on the timeline, double-click on the green screen video and switch to the color keying tab. Use the color dropper tool to select the color you want to remove. Play with the fringe settings until your subject is clearly defined. 

For more tips on using a green screen, check out our step-by-step guide here.

From slideshows updating family in the past year to videos letting people know you care, there are so many ways to stay connected and share memories during the holidays. With all these ideas in hand, go and get started creating your very own video holiday greeting cards.