Coming soon: Collaborate & edit videos in real time

July 8, 2020 / By

WeVideo acknowledges the challenges that educators, students and school communities are facing right now. And let’s be honest–it’s a lot.

For educators, there’s a need to rapidly shift instruction and engagement strategies to be effective in both remote and in-person environments. But the silver lining is that there’s room for growth, discovery and opportunity during these unprecedented times.

Our team has been working hard to respond to the unique challenges educators face. To that end, we’re excited to announce a new feature designed with remote and blended learning environments in mind.

Coming soon: real-time collaboration in the WeVideo editor!

Soon you’ll be able to edit videos together in real time, no matter where you are. Whether you’re in the classroom or remote, you can feel like you’re editing videos side-by-side.

No matter what the subject or concept is, collaboration is a key component of blended learning. Work together. Learn new skills together. Get creative together.  What will you and your students create using this new feature? 

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