Coding and video plus green screen: bringing it all together

April 4, 2018 / By

Video creation engages students in learning at the highest levels, encouraging them to take on the roles of creators and doers. So how can one amplify those achievements?
Leave it to talented WeVideo ambassador Lucie deLaBruere to inspire students to take their powers of creation to the next level! She created an incredible interdisciplinary project that combines skills developed with Scratch—the coding language developed by MIT to encourage students to learn to code—with the video editing and digital storytelling power of WeVideo.
WeVideo’s green screen feature is the lynchpin for the project. First students use Scratch to build their own motion graphics and special effects. Why build their own when WeVideo already has hundreds? Ownership! As Lucie says, “Having them create their own special effects to their movies is a great way to build creative confidence in coding and media making!”
(For a refresher on using green screen, check out this green screen tutorial that WeVideo ambassador Jennifer Leban created to help her students get started.)
The key is using a simple green background for the project built in Scratch. When students import their Scratch project into WeVideo, the green background works perfectly with the WeVideo green screen feature. Students can then fill that green background with any video or image they want to tell their story. You can see the results in this sample video from Lucie:

This project has so much to offer. Not only is a great opportunity to develop coding and editing skills, but it highlights a range of creative and technical skills paths. Lucie has generously shared the details of her project on her blog Create Make Learn. We hope you’ll be as inspired by it as we were!
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