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February 8, 2018 / By

WeVideo Green Screen T-Shirts
At WeVideo, we believe that video creation is more than a tool for completing assignments. It is a path to creative problem solving, higher level thinking, and student voice. 
With your help, we want to motivate all teachers and students to use the full potential of WeVideo’s learning platform to empower students to be creators and help them to actively demonstrate their learning across all subjects.
So who better to inspire teachers new to WeVideo than you, the incredible community of WeVideo educators!
Tell us your story. Share your video lesson plans, project ideas, favorite WeVideo tips & tricks, and examples of student created videos across all grade levels and subject areas (with all of the necessary releases, of course. Protecting and respecting student privacy is always one of our top priorities.).
In the coming months, we’ll showcase your ideas, tips and lesson plans for fellow educators to help teachers integrate video creation into their own curriculum.
Submissions will be shared through the WeVideo website, social media, email, and more, so please ensure that you have any necessary releases and permissions for us to publish and share your inspiring ideas.

Share your story

Educators at TCEA in Austin, TX, wear their hearts on their WeVideo green screen t-shirts!

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