How To Make a Great Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift [DIY]

February 13, 2013 / By

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day (or your significant other’s birthday, or your anniversary, or Arbor Day)… the point is… you forgot. Don’t worry, there’s still time to make a thoughtful gift at the last minute. Here’s how:

Upload Your Personal Videos and Pictures

Sign up for a free WeVideo account and start uploading video and pictures of you and your significant other. If you’ve gone on any footage from special occasions like your wedding, vacation, etc. upload footage from that as well. If you’ve only been dating your significant other a couple months and you aren’t “serious” yet, make your video short, yet heartfelt and upbeat. On the other hand, if you’ve been married for 30 years, don’t skimp. Take some time, find the photos and videos that mean the most to both of you and put a little “production value” into it.

Get Personal

Write out what you want to say in the video, then record what you’ve written to an audio track. Don’t worry about getting it all in one take; you can edit the track later. Add personal touches, like how you met, what you like most about your significant other, why you’re proud to be with them, what you hope the future holds, etc.

Upload Your Song

Okay, not every couple “has a song” but if there’s a song that seems to represent your relationship, this is a good time to use it. When in doubt, go for the song that feels the most heartfelt. If you don’t have “a song” WeVideo has a variety of pre-loaded music that you can use.

Edit and Keep It Short

Remember, your final video should be anywhere from thirty seconds to a minute. Keep your video clips short. If you have pictures or a slideshow in your video, trim them so they’re a few seconds long. WeVideo lets you easily shorten video clips in its editor. Don’t be afraid to make your final video short; longer videos can be awkward and sometimes feel less sincere.

Show Them the Video

Be sure to watch the final video a few times in WeVideo’s editor, before exporting it or uploading it to YouTube. Work out any last-minute kinks and fix anything that may need it. Once you upload your final video, there are several ways to show it; you could share it on his/her Facebook account, you could email it to them, or show them on your laptop.

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