5 easy steps to make a Halloween video with photos and music in minutes

October 18, 2018 / By

You don’t need any video footage to make a great video out of your Halloween photos. You don’t even need a fancy camera. You just need your costume and photos to create your entire photo video with your smartphone.
So start planning that costume photo shoot and find out how easy it is to put your photos in motion to music with WeVideo.

1: Upload or import your photos

You can upload images directly from your computer, but if you back up your photos elsewhere or have them all on your phone, you can import them directly in to WeVideo.
We integrate directly with Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and more to make it simple to bring in your photos from your existing storage locations.
Or you can upload directly from your phone using our mobile apps to get started, and then continue with our full-featured web app on your laptop or desktop.

2: Add motion with animation

One way to easily add motion to your still photos is to use the Ken Burns Effect, where panning and zooming creates the effect of a camera recording video footage.
WeVideo makes it simple to animate your photos in bulk with just a few clicks. When you select the photos you want to add to your video and drag them to your timeline together, we’ll offer you the option to add Ken Burns Effect animation to all of your photos together. You can adjust the duration for each photo and then you’re done!

Like a little more control? You can apply animations to each photo individually. Simply double-click the photo you want to animate and click into the Animation tab. You’ll be able to set the zoom and position of the photo at the Start and End of the animation to create zoom and pan effects.

3: Add text with motion titles

Professionally designed and customizable motion titles let you add a fun and professional touch to your message. Choose from seasonal titles to add a holiday touch (ghosts, zombies, bats, oh my!) or from a wide range of motion titles that let you add single and multiple lines of text and quotes to your photos.

4: Set it all to music

Music is that full-size candy bar in your Halloween haul. It’s what takes your video from good to great, and sets the mood for your message. Every WeVideo account includes a library of premium music for you to use, and our built-in royalty free content library, included in all Professional and Business subscriptions, lets you search and use over 100,000 music clips and sound effects.

You’ll find all of the audio you need for Halloween – add screams, creaking door sounds, wolves howling, and more to add the perfect amount of scary to your video. Or search music clips by mood – “happy,” “cheerful,” “spooky,” “scary”. Choose your mood and you’ll find the music to match it.
Want to turn your photos into a scary movie? Check out our tips for making your videos extra spooky.

5: Export and share!

What happens on Halloween…definitely needs to be shared on social media! When you export your video in WeVideo. You’ll have the option to choose your final resolution and export directly to destinations like your Google Drive, YouTube channels, and more. You’ll also be able to share your video page link, embed your video directly into your blog or website, download to upload elsewhere, or share to social media through WeVideo.
So share that Halloween fun, treat yourself to the rest of your candy, and then start planning your winter holiday video cards!
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