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Explore ways to inspire creativity in the classroom, activities that ignite deeper learning for students, and interviews with thought leaders in education that motivate teachers and influencers in education technology.

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Ignite a Culture of Innovation with Elisabeth Bostwick (Ep 63)

06/14/2021 | 31 minutes
Elisabeth Bostwick is a multi-award-winning educator who is passionate about creating the conditions to spark curiosity and...

Filmbuilding & Cross-Cultural Exchange with Tom Flint (Ep 52)

03/22/2021 | 29 minutes
Tom Flint is a moving image educator and filmmaker whose interests meet at the crossroads of film and cultural exchange. Flint...

PBL in the Mathematics Classroom with Telannia Norfar (Ep 50)

03/08/2021 | 33 minutes
Telannia Norfar is a mathematics teacher at a public high school in Oklahoma City, OK where she implements student centered...

How the Education Community brings the Heart and Hustle with Adam Parker Goldberg (Ep 43)

12/14/2020 | 32 minutes
At the heart of Flipgrid - Microsoft’s video discussion experience - is a shared mission to empower every voice. Adam Parker...

Culturally Responsive Teaching with Dr. Shaun Woodly (Ep 42)

12/07/2020 | 31 minutes
Dr. Shaun Woodly has dedicated his professional career to education. He is a decorated K-12 teacher, university professor and...

Redesigning Student Learning Experiences with Scott McLeod (Ep 41)

11/30/2020 | 37 minutes
An Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Colorado Denver, Scott McLeod, J.D., Ph.D., is widely...

Instructional Technology Coaching with Knikole Taylor (Ep 36)

10/19/2020 | 33 minutes
Knikole Taylor is a teacher leader who is passionate about all things teaching and learning. She uses her experience as a...

Making Content More Engaging with @eTwinz Alberto & Mario Herraez (Ep 35)

10/12/2020 | 36 minutes
Alberto and Mario Herraez, known as the eTwinz, are award-winning educators and presenters originally from Spain that moved to...

Collaboration on WeVideo & Wakelet Spaces with Misbah Gedal (Ep 31)

09/17/2020 | 30 minutes
In this episode, we chat with Misbah Gedal, Head of Partnerships at Wakelet. Wakelet is a content curation platform that is...

Library resources that support learning with Amy Stefanski (Ep 29)

05/26/2020 | 23 minutes
Amy is a veteran K-12 educator with certifications in Library Science, Math, Science, and Family and Consumer Science. She is the...

Educational Duct Tape with Jake Miller (Ep 26)

04/22/2020 | 16 minutes
Jake Miller is an authorized Google Apps for Education Trainer and is currently the Technology Integration Specialist for Brady...

Make Learning MAGICAL with Tisha Richmond (Ep 22)

03/30/2020 | 15 minutes
Tisha is an innovative district Tech Integration Specialist, speaker, and author from Southern Oregon. She has taught Family and...


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About the host

Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad is a speaker, author and professional learning facilitator. He is the Chief Education Officer at WeVideo.

Throughout his career, he has served as a teacher, assistant principal, university adjunct professor, consultant, and education strategist. He served as Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction for Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, as well as Education Supervisor at NASA's Johnson Space Center. He is a Google Certified Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator, and 2016 Apple Teacher, serves on the board of the Student Voice Foundation and serves on the International Literacy Association Task Force. Nathan is the author of Everyday Instructional Coaching and co-author of The New Art and Science of Teaching Mathematics with Robert J. Marzano.