How to make a back-to-school video to get your students excited for the year

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Teachers! It’s the beginning of the school year. A time when we’re busy setting those foundational aspects of our classroom to make for a strong classroom environment to survive the trials and triumphs of true discovery, failure, and learning that will take place over the year. Things like setting expectations, classroom norms, building excitement for the learning that will happen, …

Teacher supporting students in their learning

Why is the teacher’s role so important in creating a student-centered classroom?

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We are at a crossroads in education. The role of the teacher has been changing dramatically during the past few decades, reflecting a more student-centric classroom. We have shifted from a viewpoint that emphasized  “how we teach” to one that now focuses on “how they learn.” What do we expect to see in today’s student-centered or learner-centered classroom? Students creating …

Video: Building empathy through active listening in the classroom

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Educators today encourage students to share their voice, spread their ideas and develop communication skills through effective storytelling. However, in order to fully support student voice, we must also develop the right conditions in which their voices can make an impact. When students share their voice, they want their listeners to fully experience what it’s like to see the world …

Enhance the impact of friendly debate with video creation

Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad for Schools, Higher Education, News & Features, Schools (K-12)

How can we create opportunities for students to engage in productive discourse while building creativity and communication skills? Exposure to fun and interesting projects that lead to student-created videos is a solid foundation, but what’s more important is that such projects can be designed to include options for students to conjecture about controversial concepts. Students build deeper thinking when given …

Participate in the Creativity Passport challenge to win products for your classroom

Take creativity, innovation and student voice to the next level with the Creativity Passport Challenge

Allison Recker for Schools, Schools (K-12)

The creativity passport challenge is a fun way for educators to experience new products while earning a chance to win over $6,000 for in products at #ISTE18. What do this year’s six creativity passport companies have in common? 1. They are loved by forward-thinking educators, and 2. They support a shared goal of igniting creativity, student voice and confidence in learning – …

Digital storytelling, innovation and video creation in the San Ramon Valley (part 1)

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Adopting some of the best principles of their Silicon Valley neighbors, the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation (SRVEF) has created a high-tech style ‘incubator’ program to develop new STEAM curriculum. Now in its fourth year, the SRVEF Imagineering Enrichment Program tests new curriculum offerings, using the vital enrichment program format to evaluate edtech and develop classes that are easy to …

Make your teacher cry this Teacher Appreciation Week, with a “Video Thank You Note”

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It’s teacher appreciation week. Whether you’re a parent, principal, or student reading this, there’s a lot of great ideas out there that you can do to add to the festivities of this week: decorate your teachers’ doors, bring them flowers, put chocolate in all your teachers’ mailboxes. I’m happy crying from all the thoughtfulness of my students As a teacher, …

Creativity in the classroom

The 4C’s for creativity in the classroom

Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad for Schools, Schools (K-12)

A plan for creative exploration We often hear about, and many of us openly attest to, the value of two essential skills today’s students will need to succeed beyond high school: creativity and critical thinking. Additionally, there are movements afoot that encourage teachers to provide students with opportunities to amplify their voice and make choices in the context of schoolwork. …

Eighth-grade video documentarians use WeVideo to shed new light on history

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Start with students who love history, add the thrill of competition, and combine those with a newly-minted passion for creating video documentaries and what do you get? A remarkable, authentic video created  by eighth-grade history documentarians Luka Abuladze and Aidan Mulvey. Under the guidance of enrichment teacher Jonathan Harvey, the pair took it upon themselves to represent Cavallini Middle School …