Halloween Photos

5 easy steps to make a Halloween video with photos and music in minutes

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You don’t need any video footage to make a great video out of your Halloween photos. You don’t even need a fancy camera. You just need your costume and photos to create your entire photo video with your smartphone. So start planning that costume photo shoot and find out how easy it is to put your photos in motion to …

Video Newsletter: Spooky video tips and more, October 2018

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Dear Educators, Our QA engineer, Eddie, turned into a zombie 🧟, but he’s still pretty helpful around here! Check out this month’s newsletter full of things like how to make scary videos, setting the tone for parent teacher conferences, and more! And like Zombie Eddie says, you’re welcome to join us in our WeVideo for Educators Facebook group. Muahahahhaha! Did you …

Principal Spotlight: Andy Jacks, video and school leader extraordinaire

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Happy National Principals Month! To celebrate all the amazing things principals do for our children and communities, we’re spotlighting Nationally Distinguished Principal, Andy Jacks. We’re super fans of Andy at WeVideo HQ for the incredible videos he makes on a weekly basis. Check out his famous #30SecondBookTalk videos – We Don’t Eat Our Classmates, It’s not Jack and the Beanstalk, …

3 ways video can help teachers set the tone for meaningful parent-teacher conferences

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Check out this fantastic conversation we had with Jennifer Eggert, Instructional Technology Coach from Bloomingdale, IL and Golden Apple Award Recipient, on the importance of setting the tone of your parent-teacher conferences and 3 fast and impactful ways to do that.   The shift toward student-centered conversations One of the biggest trends with parent-teacher conferences is student-led conferences. The student …

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Preparing Next Generation of Leaders at Oswego, New York

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Fitzhugh Park Elementary School in Oswego is a special place, where staff and students take pride in their role as a Leader in Me school for developing leadership skills. One of the pillars of that focus has been the adoption of The Leader in Me–The Seven Habits of Happy Kids developed by the Steven Covey Foundation–aimed at promoting student leadership …

WeVideo Kindness Caught on Camera

Kindness caught on camera

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Matthew Baganz has been teaching for 13 years in Florida, the Caribbean and Germany, ranging from grades 3 to 12. He recently shifted gears and joined the marketing department for an international school near Frankfurt, Germany, which he juggles with classroom teaching, communication management and math coordination. He shared with us one of his students’ favorite projects – a top …

Global Student Voice Film Festival WeVideo

Student Voice: Finding the courage to tell your story

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At one time or another, we have all faced an experience that forced us to choose to conform to expectations or to challenge them head-on.  Maybe it was finding your niche in school, being presented with a restrictive set of rules, or being asked to abide by social and cultural norms. The pressure to conform can hinder one’s ability to …

Video Newsletter: Magic tricks and project ideas galore, September 2018

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Dear Educators, This September newsletter is chock full of project ideas and inspiration for your classroom. From student reflection to digital storytelling, to adding sound effects to your video, there are a ton of ideas to start your fall with introspection, creativity, and expression! Check out our video (with some very special ? magic (video) tricks✨, that you can do too!) …

20 words to search for in the WeVideo Essentials Audio Library

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“Pop!” “Splash!” “[The sound of the wind]”       Don’t you wish you had the ability to add all sorts of sound effects and music to your video project? Guess what, in WeVideo, you have over 110,000+ audio files to choose from! That includes music, sound effects, and audio loops. Try searching for these 20 words in WeVideo Essentials …