Our Story.

It Started in Europe with Education

WeVideo's story begins in 2007 with the Norwegian company Creaza. The company's mission was to provide an online creative toolbox for children, to be used both in school and at home. By 2010, this technology was in use by hundreds of thousands of children across ten European countries. Inspired by its success in the educational market in early 2011, Creaza's investors decided to spin out a new company called WeVideo. Its primary focus is on video creation and expanding the technology to U.S. and global markets.

Coming to the U.S.

Founding team members, Björn Rustberggaard and Roger Larsen joined forces with serial entrepreneur Jostein Svendsen and in September 2011, with the brand new name of WeVideo, launched the online video editing services from their Palo Alto office in California.

Leveraging Success with Google to Raise $20M

WeVideo has won many awards both in the U.S. and across the globe. In fact, WeVideo, barely a day old, was named one of the top 100 cloud computing companies in the world while in the midst of launching its YouTube editor. Read more about WeVideo's announcements on the news page.

In April 2012, WeVideo announced launch partnership with Google Drive, Google's cloud-based collaboration and storage service. In May of 2012 Disney and WeVideo partnered to promote The Avengers, allowing film fans to remix their own movie trailers.

Leveraging the success of these launches, WeVideo raised $20M in Series A funding to accelerate the strengthening of its video creation platform and become the dominant horizontal player in online video creation for the new generation of content creators.

Growing the Team and Realizing the Product Vision

With the funding secured, WeVideo ramped up the development team to further enhance the scalable cloud-based platform with depth (from novice to pro) and breadth (across PC, Mac, Linux, iOS & Android smartphones and tablets). At the end of 2013, a milestone was reached, where WeVideo had ONE unified cloud-platform with:

  • interconnected Apps for iOS, Android, PC, MAC and Linux
  • an online editor supporting different editing modes catering to our user's different expertise levels
  • a central hub for users to collaborate, organize and share their projects and media files
  • theme capabilities to style videos - including grading, transitions, titles, lower thirds and music
  • API's so that third-parties can integrate the web-editor into their existing services
  • cloud connectors for the most widely used cloud storage services
  • multi-language support for both text input and captions
  • inline video help tutorials inside the web editor

September 2013, WeVideo Launched an Offline Chrome OS Video Editor - WeVideo Next. Unlike conventional desktop applications where expensive hardware is required, WeVideo Next relies on the immense computing power of the cloud to offload the processing of your computer. With WeVideo Next we gave our users a way to work both on- and offline so that they can start creating videos without being connected to the Internet. WeVideo Next was developed in HTML5 and other standard web technologies, offering great flexibility, fast performance and slick user experience.

Land grab in K-12 Education

2013 was the year during which educators and students across the USA discovered WeVideo. At the end of 2013 the number of schools using WeVideo had greatly accelerated, surpassing 5,000 schools in the USA alone. WeVideo had also reached 2 million users globally.

The growth had been accompanied by an ever-greater number of creative, smart and authentic videos made by students across elementary, middle and high schools. Below is a story made by middle school students Chloe Slayter, Malia Simon, and Matthew Richardson from Paulding Middle School in California.

Whereas before WeVideo youth storytellers never could have afforded access to dedicated editing equipment, or the significant investment of time required to master these tools, our easy-to-use editor has opened up video storytelling to all kids.